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Realizations and then some

Aside from the beauty stuff, events and reviews, one of the reason why I started to put up a blog is to share my adventures / discovery in my [almost] everyday life.October kicked in with sadness and realizations for me. First, appreciating life and people dear to me much more than I have, secondly career wise and responsibilities. Perhaps it’s the answer I’ve been longing for a long time and so I take that as my cue.

Words of wisdom? “Life is short, live it!”, “Always say thank you, even in the simplest gestures” and “ALWAYS say I love you to your family [or to whomever dear to you].

Moving on, to say that I love taking photos is an understatement. I absolutely love taking pictures of things I love and my sister can attest to that. So here are photos that had happen in the previous week. Right after work, I always went straight to my Uncle’s wake at EllinWood Church to join the mass with my family and friends.

My Uncle's last day of wake at Ellinwood Church
Family protraiture at City of Springs - a resort were my siblings and I grew up spending our vacations and reunion with relatives

Admittedly, I still haven’t moved on from our loss till now. It really is hard to accept a passing, when you feel [and know] that it wasn’t really someone else’s time.

A week has passed, and a few days ago I decided to take a huge leap of faith. I was thinking whether to delay my resignation, over and over again as doubts started kicking in. The consequences, what would people think, but at the end of the day I know I had to do the right thing. And at that very moment, I felt that it was the right time to do so. I am currently finishing my last issue with the magazine and on other things I am helping out with our family business. Promoting my mom’s art exhibit called – Art Moves.

Art Moves - A collaboration of artists show runs until Oct 28 at LRI Pavillion second floor, LRI Design Plaza Makati

I am also working on a rescue cause for the dog that was hit by a speeding car which happened last week. After the accident, we all thought that the dog was able to go some place, only to find out that she has been staying near our house for the past week already. We named her Whitey [which people have been mistakenly reading it as Whitney instead – lol]. We’ve been feeding her for days already, and my sister and I are praying that people would be kind enough to donate for her recovery. We set up a page for her in Facebook called – Help Whitey Walk Again  . We have received 9 likes and a few messages already, and we would like to say thank you to those who are so kind to help us. We appreciate it a lot. This is for Whitey!

Homeless dog run by a speeding car

To end our week, my family and I went to worship at Bread of Life Makati. Personally, today’s worship was THE BEST by far. Thank you Pastor Gina.

Bread of Life, Greenbelt 1 Makati
Talking about Identity crisis as an individual and as a community “]image

I say it was the best because, time flew so fast earlier and considering that we were early for this Sunday. When I found out that it was 12 noon already, I was quite shocked as it felt like we had only been there for an hour. Right after, we had lunch also at Greenbelt 1 and then walked going to Glorietta. We passed by Coffee Origins and was able to try some free coffee. Will post about it in a few days.

Coffee Origins in Greenbelt 2

And like every Sundays, Sundays are not complete without us watching a movie. My brother wanted to watch Gravity, but good thing Mom chose Paranoia instead.

Watched Paranoia in 2D - I highly recommend this film And can I say Liam Hemsworth is HOT? Haha

That caps off my Sunday and happenings from last week. I hope you will have a great week ahead and for those who read this far, many thanks for reading my adventure.

Till my next post!


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