Until his last breath


It was the morning of October 31st that I needed to wake up early to prepare for a date. I woke up with my usual routine, but I decided to clean my cats area outside before having breakfast. At the same time I was also looking for my cat Tabby and was so happy to see him outside near the big cage, but my happiness was cut short as I saw blood all over the floor. I immediately looked at my cat and saw that he was in pain. He didn’t want to move in his place and I was slowly feeling nervous and worried as I started to look for wounds all over his body.

You see, my cat loves going out in the neighborhood most of the time and he’s been into two cat fights already; I would know if the wound came from a cat fight or not. It was hard to observe whether he did have wounds so I decided to give him water. I saw him walk, and his right leg was thin and very limp. I looked closer and saw his left front leg with 2 punctures. I couldn’t tell if it came from a cat fight as it seems to be some kind of a bruise. As he drank water, he started to cough with blood. I panicked, clueless and was scared. He was struggling as he tried to go inside our house, salivating with watery blood in his mouth. At that very moment, I wish it were just a nightmare, but it was real and I had to endure the sight of my cat struggling for his life right in front of me. He struggled for less than a minute and then suddenly I saw him lie down, not breathing and lifeless. It was the last day that I would see Tabby.

I broke down and fell on my knees.

For now, I will miss you a lot Tabby but I hope when the time comes we’ll be together along with Roguey. I will never forget you. 

Tabby when I first adopted him 4 years ago (September 21, 2009)

Tabby's first photo
Tabby’s first photo
Tabby's last photo
Tabby’s last photo – the night before

I’m thankful that I was still able to spend some quality time with you that night. A memory I will forever treasure.

Rest in peace my baby September 21, 2009 - October 31, 2013
Rest in peace my baby September 21, 2009 – October 31, 2013

I’m sorry that I couldn’t bury you with my own hands. Thanks to mom for doing it for me. He is buried outside our home so that somehow I’m still with you. I love you.


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