Inside A Cat’s Mind through Instagram 1.0

Hey there folks! I’m back! I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks, due to fever and colds and I needed to drag myself to work while still recuperating from the virus. If I remember correctly, I was feeling better last Friday and I was able to go out for dinner with my date. We went to TriNoma to pick up something first, and then had dinner at Bigoli’s. In case you’re interested to find out on what we had, head on over to my Food and Travel blog about my Bigoli food trip Friday.  TriNoma is a property of Ayala Land, and what’s ‘uniquely’ different about this mall is the garden.

TriNoma Garden adorned by Christmas lights
TriNoma Garden adorned by Christmas lights

The next day, my sister, nephew and I went to watch a show at the Star theater. After the show, mom asked us to bring the little boy to Star City for a ride all you can adventure which cost us P450. It was a long day, but before heading home I needed to go to Watson’s in WalterMart Makati to buy a set of hand soaps for the house hold. Hand soaps are a must have and I love it that Watson’s has a lot of choices to choose from. Also I can either opt to buy the Php100 refill afterwards if I run out. Their hand soap advertises as a BOGO offer, but common sense is I’m still technically paying for the second bottle. I guess it’s psychology saying that we are paying for less.

Watsons Hand Soap BOGO Php150 or 170
Watsons Hand Soap BOGO Php150 or 170

This weekend we missed out on worship. Staying home for the whole day can get boring so I decided to decorate my shelf. It’s still not yet done though, as I’m still adding more designs as the days go by. There’s no need for me to tell what the theme is right? as it’s so obvious where this drawing will lead me.

Sakura Blossoms
Sakura Blossoms

Midweek was spent resting during the day (due to dysmenorrhea), but come dinner time my date and I decided to meet up for dinner.

His: Italian Sub Hers: Chicken Sub (veggies except onions with chipotle dressing)
His: 12′ Italian Sub Hers: 6′ Chicken Sub (veggies except onions with chipotle dressing)

Anyway, there’s one more week left before November ends and Christmas is just around the corner anytime soon. Exciting isn’t it? Before I end my post for today, let me share with you some photos of one of my cats named Dumbo.


For my Carbtrim winners, please expect your prizes next week or first week of December. Thanks


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