Jessi Mendez

My worst haircut experience at Jessi Mendez

It has been months since my last haircut and my hair has grown quite long, almost reaching my waist; but when I noticed that my ends looked really bad I knew a haircut was the best decision. I wanted to go back to my stylist at Azta Urban Salon at the Pioneer branch, but it was a bit of hassle for my schedule this week. So I thought, I might as well give Jessi Mendez a try at the Glorietta branch. I came prepared with a style in my head and a photo peg for referrence. I told Rose this WAS my peg for the bangs and just have soft layers. I clearly told her too that I wanted below the shoulder length, meaning not short [obviosuly right?] I had an impression I was clear. Apparently when I noticed she was just cutting layers and LAYERS of my hair, I said “Miss, don’t forget the bangs”. Then she tells me “ay, may bangs ba? Patingin ulit ng picture”. I was like seriously? Weren’t you paying attention to what I had said earlier? I noticed too that you kept on being such typical nosy person at a salon, that while you were cutting my hair you eyes was so glued to whoever that person was. I don’t know why for the love of me, that I allowed you to do at all; To my ONE AND ONLY CROWNING GLORY!

Yes, I am not happy that I paid P490 for a lousy haircut. I am definitely not going back at that branch EVER! 

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