World Bazaar Festival 2013

World Bazaar Festival 2013


The holiday rush is indeed crazy. It seems that people are still buying their Christmas gifts for their love ones, and what a better place to shop but at the World Bazaar Festival held at the World Trade Center. Like most people, my sister was one of them and had asked me to accompany her for a shopping trip just a few days ago.

Entrance at the World Bazaar Festival is P50.00 only
Entrance at the World Bazaar Festival is P50.00 only

While going through almost all of the booths [believe me 3 hours isn’t enough to check out all the stores at the bazaar], I was able to find a few interesting items which costs a bit less compared to mall prices.

First batch of photos are these cute cat shirts. The design was cute but the quality is quite tacky.

Next up are the lamp oil burners. Will post other photos in my Facebook page

Photos below are just random booths that I was able to take photos of.

My sister is just really thoughtful in her own way, after checking out all the booths she asks me if I fancied anything at the bazaar. Well, I said there’s this one booth called – Dakki, selling original [as told by the owner] pillow items. The lady said that they supply SM with their pillows. I was instantly sold by the Hello Kitty pillow which cost around P350.

Thanks so much sister dear for your early Birthday gift! ❤

At the end of the day, it was just simply a tiring day but we both had fun shopping at the World Bazaar Festival. The event is until December 22 only. If you still need to shop for gifts, WBF is the perfect place to go to.



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