Weight loss project: A look back from two years ago

It seems that my last post for Inside A Cat’s Mind was about: “Sunday’s with my family”. A few days after that post, we received another heartbreaking news from our closest relatives about our uncle. Since then, I’ve been caught up with a lot of things in my personal and work life. Hence the lack of posts from last month.

Life is pretty much the same. I’m still at my fitness routine and actually quite pleased, to hear compliments from people I haven’t seen for the longest time saying that I have lost a lot of weight. I’m happy, but to be honest? I’m still struggling to reach my goal for a 28 or 29 waistline. I’m 8 inches away from it though (feel free to count on my current waistline, hehe). But for reference, let me show you a before and after pic of myself 2 years ago. See photos below.

During my mom's birthday last 2012.
BEFORE – During my mom’s birthday last 2012.

It’s such a shame that I let myself go during those years. It was many years of total denial that I gained so much weight back then. Only to compare now that yes, I was fat during those times. Yikes! But it is what it is and that was me 2 years ago. Two years had passed and here’s how I currently look now, which was also during my mom’s advanced birthday celebration together with my date.

BEFORE – Two years after. A slightly fitter me

There are still a few areas that needs work though, but I’m still happy with how my weight loss project has turned out. There’s no special secret to it, just consistently working out, watching what you eat and the best product that helped me lose weight which still allows me to enjoy my carbs; such as pasta and rice every breakfast is, none other but CarbTrim. This is not a sponsored post, I suppose I’m just simply thankful that CarbTrim is part of my first journey to a healthier me.

I have let myself go many for many years, and I’m definitely not going back to that old self again. Cheers to fitness!


2 thoughts on “Weight loss project: A look back from two years ago

  1. Hello. I’ve been following your posts about CarbTrim. I just want to ask how many sachets should I drink per day for best results? Your response will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. Hi Abby,

      You must drink one glass every meal (breakfast, lunch, sometimes merienda and dinner) you can drink it before your meals.

      If you have time to work out, results will be much faster 🙂

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