Trying something new: My First Gundam

When your significant other wants to share with you his passion [hobby], do you usually just acknowledge it? or do you go the extra mile to learning something that he or she loves? In reality it can be difficult, especially if it’s something you’re not into. But sometimes, you just have to enter their world and who knows? You might find yourself enjoying it as well.

A man’s hobby can be diverse, but for the kid at heart it will always be toys. The grown up / expensive kind of toys. Ha-ha!  Take for example? Gundams. Martin is currently on a Gundam high phase. During conversations over the phone or when together, he’d somehow find a way to talk about it.

Eventually, after many conversations and tedious research on his part. He found the series which turned me to a Gundam fanatic. He first showed me a glimpse of how the Gundam Unicorn transformed into destroy mode, and the rest was history. It was that BAD ASS! And the start of my deep appreciation for the series.

Moving forward, we both found out about Toy Town’s Model kit caravan many weeks ago. Of course, the Gundam fanatic wanted to go to the event. We chose to go last Saturday and boy I was surprised, how building can be fun. Well, admittedly the higher grades are more tedious compared to the kit were given.

Gundam Model Kit Caravan
Gundam Model Kit Caravan

All participants received the same kits – Gundam AGE: Genoace

All you need are pliers and a marker (for paneling) which were all provided by Toy Town. I guess it’s a bit bias for me to say that I didn’t have a hard time building. It pays to have someone knowledgeable with you to teach you the basics.

Below are photos of my first building experience:

So this is how it looks like
Contents of the kit
Box with manual
Box with manual

Building time

After finishing the upper body, I built the lower body and head. The last touches were paneling which I’m not good at.

And finally my very first Gundam in one piece. Thank you Toy Town for holding such an event.

Gundam Genoace
Gundam Genoace


Last Sunday was the last day of the Model kit caravan at Glorietta 2. For those who are interested to try their hands into building, you might to check out new schedules for the caravan.

Photo source: Gundam Philippines Facebook site
Photo source: Gundam Philippines Facebook site

4 thoughts on “Trying something new: My First Gundam

  1. Hi! I’m glad to be able to find and read your blog. I’m planning to go to the same Event at MOA. I just want to ask what time did you guys go to the event because I’ve read that there are only 30kits to be given away. Btw it’s great to know that you’re also enjoying building Gunpla. I think your boyfriend and I are on the same boat. I think I too influenced my girlfriend to like Gunplas. God bless you guys! 😁

    1. Hello Adrian!

      Thanks for commenting. We went to Glorietta at that time past 11am, I highly suggest that you and your GF to arrive early. Oh, I believe in the previous caravans they gave out 50 kits. Yes surprisingly I didn’t know it would be this fun to build. I’m looking forward to having both our UC kits soon. That’s nice to know. Same here Adrian 🙂

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