CarbTrim Diaries: Road testing the CarbTrim Capsules


Due to inquiries I have been receiving lately, if I have tried the new CarbTrim capsules. Well, here’s a head start for the month of April. I just recently bought a pack (plus 3 more) at SM Jazz for me to experiment. Quite frankly, I guess I also want to step it up a notch when it comes to my workout routine. Since the capsule is said to have L-Carnitine which helps burn more fat during exercise.


It seems the pharmaceuticals (at most) sells these by either a pack of 10’s or by the box which has 80 capsules total. Luckily, at SM Jazz Watsons, they offer per capsule which retails at P29.75. A pack of 10’s costs at P297.50 while the box costs P2,380.

It is said to take the capsules 15 minutes before meals.

CarbTrim Capsules
CarbTrim Capsules

Here’s to hoping in losing more inches of my waist~

Will post updates soon.



13 thoughts on “CarbTrim Diaries: Road testing the CarbTrim Capsules

  1. Hi Kate! Any updates in taking Carbtrim capsules? What are the effects? Is it better compared with Carbtrim iced tea? I’m planning to purchase but not sure which one. Tried to search for capsule reviews but can’t find any. Which would you recommend better? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hello Jen21,

      I haven’t been using the capsules consistently as I’ve only used it for three weeks. The capsules pretty much works like the iced tea, only it has L-carnitine that burns more fats/calories when you exercise. The capsules is great, when you pair it with workout.

      But the iced tea version is also as much as effective in helping maintain your weight [with workout too]. Both are actually good, I suppose it depends which result would you prefer.

      Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Hi. Ive been using carbtrim since last month. Quite effective however,i cant find any store to purchase the iced tea. Can you help me find a store? Ive been searching. Supermarket mercury drugs . Its always out of stock. Hoping for a feedback. Thanks! 😊

  3. hi i ordered online and theres a promo cash on delivery for only 857 buy 30 plus 30 capsule plus 1 box of iced tea carb trim 😀 i will try this month hopefully it can help me loss weight.

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