Hello Kitty

Of Wonderful Surprises: Hello Kitty Merchandise

Araw Ng Kagitingan – A Philippine Holiday ‘celebrated’ last April 9, 2014. There wasn’t anything significant that happened that day, as it was a normal busy weekday and people are flocking inside the malls. Perhaps for some shopping, or planning to watch a movie [boy, the line cue on Cinemaworld was longggggg].

My date and I were one of those people who trooped over the mall that day at SM Megamall, and a visit to any mall for us is not complete without checking out toy stores particularly – Toy Kingdom. Ah, the kid at heart! Indeed we are, and not ashamed of it.

So, I had assumed it was any normal [but fun] date until, UNTIL, he bought me overflowing Hello Kitty goodies. OMG! #Happiness!

I bought only one merchandise at Toy Kingdom and the rest were from the department store, where they sell SANRIO AROUND THE WORLD merchandise! #Heaven!

Below is a photo of what I chose at Toy Kingdom [I’m eyeing on the big hello kitty stuff toy for next time].

Hello Kitty Around the World tumblers and a coin purse from the kids section.

Hello Kitty coin purse P199.75
Hello Kitty coin purse P199.75

I am definitely one happy Hello Kitty fanatic!

Thank you significant other 😛

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