Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked BGC

Free Comic Book Day – happens every first Saturday of May, which comic fans local [Philippines] and international readers look forward to. And yesterday I got a ‘taste’ of my very first experience of FCBD at Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City.

Admittedly, I wasn’t interested in going until a friend showed me that they will be giving out Archie anddddddd….. Hello Kitty comics! I truly am a hard-core Hello Kitty fanatic / collector. So off we braved to Fully Booked BGC yesterday. Martin and I arrived past 8am and the lines were already long, the weather was quite terrible too but almost everyone came prepared with their umbrellas, food and portable chairs. Check out photo below.

fcbd line
Waiting in line.


Despite the long line, thankfully my significant other was with me that day which made waiting more bearable and fun. I was also very much amused when I saw two couples [i think?] carrying two beautiful cats with them.

Thank you for letting me take a picture of your adorable cat
Thank you for letting me take a picture of your adorable cat

I was expecting the organizers to let us in around 10AM, surprisingly they opened their doors much earlier than our expected time. YEY!

Details about FCBD
Details about FCBD

As soon as we got in, I rushed in to look for the Hello Kitty comics! Thankfully there were still a lot of them. Aside from Hello Kitty, I also got Archie comics and my last copy was handed out to me by one of the committee’s.

Hello Kitty <3
Hello Kitty ❤
Another must have. Archie
Another must have. Archie


Komiks ng Pilipino, along with 6 Marvel comics
‘Komiks ng Pilipino’ along with some Marvel comics and others which I haven’t heard of. #old-school

Since this is a comics event, expect cosplayers roaming around the area [perhaps getting their free comics as well]. While I saw a few, I wasn’t able to take their pictures except for my very own Subzero cosplayer – my date.

Subzero from Mortal Kombat
Subzero from Mortal Kombat

To sum up my experience with FCBD, it was a rushed experience. Still, I would still like to thank Fully Book for participating in the event. Many thanks too for including Hello Kitty comics which this HK hardcore fan [ahem] adores her very first HK comics.

For more FCBD photos, feel free to browse in my Facebook Page:

Inside A Cat’s Mind 

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