Gundam Caravan

Gundam Caravan 2014: Toy Kingdom Express at SM North Edsa

Once again, Bandai held another Gundam Caravan at SM North Edsa yesterday. It was something my significant other and I didn’t want to pass up, as they were giving away (this time) the Gundam Age-1 Normal (AG). Which quite honestly, is far more better looking than the Genoace; which I had built during my first caravan at Toy Town Glorietta 2.

I noticed that the Age-1 Normal had more parts compared to the Genoace. Well, the Genoace has only two colors to begin with. While the AGE-1 has more detailed parts. Martin said it took me around 30 minutes to build my kit, and that’s just an Advance Grade (AG) version. What more if I am to build my own High Grade (HG) Banshee? Yikes! And that’s just building it, no panels or decals involved yet. Anyhow, let me share with you photos during the Gundam Caravan at SM North Edsa yesterday (May 31,2014).

Gundam Caravan at Toy Kingdom Express
Gundam Caravan at Toy Kingdom Express
Exercise your brain by building your own Gundam
Exercise your brain by building your own Gundam

Gundam Models on display

After the registration, we had to wait for a couple of minutes as there weren’t a lot of chairs available. Not too far from the registration, you can buy Gundam kits. But it seems (at that time), most people were there to build their own Gundam kits. Young and the young at heart.

The photo below reminds me of my 10-year-old nephew. I wished I brought him with me. As I’m sure that he’d love to build his own (and very first) Gundam kit. Hopefully, next time.

He knows his stuff.
He knows his stuff.

After 15 minutes or so, it was finally our turn.

And after 30 minutes, tadaaa!

Age-1 Normal
Age-1 Normal

Obligatory his and hers photo-op of our Age-1 after having lunch.

L: His R: Hers
L: His R: Hers

My Age-1 at home.

While I like Gundams now a days, Hello Kitty will still be THE number one “toy” that I LOVEEE! Which is why, I just had to do this.

Caption this XD
Caption this 😄

Oh hello, Hello Kitty!

My experience is no different from my first time. It was definitely fun building something new, and I’m looking forward for more caravan’s to come. Thank you Bandai!


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