Hello Kitty

Of Wonderful Surprises: My Sweet Wednesday Night~

It was a hot Wednesday night at home yesterday, where I had spent most of my extra free time working on a few pending blog posts. It was already past 11 P.M, when all of a sudden someone rang the doorbell. I anticipated it would be some random pesky kid pulling off a prank, but to my surprise it was someone I know and he shouts “Surprise!”

My significant other paid a surprise visit and it was very much appreciated. While I thought it would be a hi, hello, I miss you kind of visit, there was something even more than from what I had expected.

His hidden agenda, was also to give me a random unexpected gift.

I wondered what was inside this paper bag
I wondered what was inside this paper bag
Hello Kitty Huggable Pillow
Hello Kitty Huggable Pillow

Thank you so much for the sweet, unexpected surprise visit and surprise gift. Will definitely add this to my Hello Kitty collection. Unfortunately, it won’t fit my shelf so this one goes straight to my bed. Such a perfect way to end my day~

Thanks again Mr. El Romantiko, you know who you are ❤


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