Travelling Hello Kitty

Travelling Hello Kitty: Normality of Weekend’s normality 1.2

Sharing Hello Kitty’s weekend ventures. Well, there wasn’t anything out of the extraordinary that had happened really. As most of my weekends are spent with my significant other on Saturday’s, and Sunday’s with my family. Not that it’s boring, in fact I’m thankful and blessed to have them in my life.

Before the weekend, here is Hello Kitty at work.

IMG_1966 copy
Cloudy skies at the top floor of the office 
Hello Kitty wrapping up from work

My Saturdate was spent in the North again, as my significant other had to meet with a friend to pick up some items for the new addition of Power Play merchandise, which we will be selling at TOYCON starting Friday until Sunday. After such, we decided to have lunch at Manang’s which always never fails a famished tummy.

The Travelling Gundam and Travelling Hello Kitty on a lunch date
The Travelling Gundam and Travelling Hello Kitty on a lunch date

After a filling lunch, what else is the perfect way to cap off a good meal but have dessert right? I have been having second thoughts in ordering their cake sundae’s but decided to give it a try.

Manangs dessert
Hello Kitty wants dessert

We ordered the fudge velvet, but my thoughts about this dessert on my food blog.

Sunday’s with my family is always spent attending worship at Bread of Life Makati, lunch out and movies.

Travelling Hello Kitty off to watch a movie.
Travelling Hello Kitty off to watch a movie.

My sister just arrived from Japan and brought home some goodies for us to enjoy. Thank you onoh! (not her real name, ha-ha).

Travelling Hello Kitty Eats
Travelling Hello Kitty Eats

Kit-Kat chocolates, Nestle crunch green tea, chips and milk tea. The potato chip on the left (green one) was a bit expensive at P100.00 (Philippine conversion). Everything else is expensive there, except camera’s and Royce chocolates.

That wraps up Hello Kitty’s adventure for the week! Thanks for reading.


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