Toycon 2014

Happenings: My first Toycon 2014 Experience

Toy lovers / Collectors all gathered in the most awaited event, which was held at SM Megamall last weekend – TOYCON 2014, a 3-day toy convention in the Philippines. Where most people end up with empty wallets, justifying their one of a kind purchase [AHEM].

Toycon 2014, celebrating Batman
Toycon 2014, celebrating Batman

The convention was held at the SM Mega Trade Hall, however [and sadly], I wasn’t able to roam as much as I wanted to, due to the fact that we were one of the exhibitors during the convention. Power Play Video Game launched two new shirt designs and his very first video game themed sword – The Master Sword. Which you can find out more in PP’s Facebook page.

Anyway, I was told that it was THE event where people save up for a year and splurge all their money for good finds. True enough, I wished I did save up for this event as there were a lot of Hello Kitty items I wanted to buy. However, I only ended up buying two items which I bought during the first day of the event.

Toycon 2014 "Haul"
Toycon 2014 “Haul”

The Hello Kitty stuff toy is actually from a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal, perhaps in Singapore or in Bangkok? I thought I couldn’t get hold of at least one Hello Kitty, but lo and behold! Indeed, you can only find items like these in Toycon. Now, if only Mcdonald’s Philippines would be kind enough to bring these Hello Kitty plushies with their Happy Meal, pretty please? Please, please, pleaaaaasseeeeee?

Anyhow, I didnt want to burn all my money as I had other things I needed to buy. But even as an exhibitor, I still had fun at the convention. Here’s a Mandatory convention photo op with Mr. CEO, during our first day at Toycon. Hehe!

It was definitely the most tiring weekend I had but hands down worth all the hardwork. Special shout-out to Power Play customers, who bought their shirts, mugs and the Legend of Zelda Master Sword. Our first customer who bought the Master Sword has an epic story behind it. I hope Mr. CEO will share his story in Power Play’s FB page soon.

Special shout-out also to those kids who called the Link cosplayer. Looking forward for my next Toycon next year, and will make sure I come with a fat wallet too. 🙂


Hey Mcdonald’s Philippines! Any chance of bringing in the Hello Kitty plushies with your Happy Meal? Please consider pretty please?







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