[Tech Talk] Satisfaction with PLDT Home DSL

For home internet broadband services, we have been using PLDT for a long LONGGG time already. We started off with PLDT DSL, which was “fairly” okay but often times internet speed was terrible. Terrible in the sense that, you would want to throw the modem or bang it on the wall. Aside from the mentioned back story, we also had replaced the modem twice [or maybe more], due to the fact that the device had fallen [thanks to my cats] occasionally [but no so often].

A few weeks ago, it was time [yet again] to have our modem replaced. I initially thought my mom will have it replaced with the same one, but instead I think we upgraded to PLDT’s new service called – PLDT HOME DSL.


Source from PLDT’s website:

Home DSL is a high-speed broadband Internet service that runs on PLDT’s extensive phone network. Using the latest Next Generation Network technology.

It lets you enjoy limitless sharing with the strong, reliable family-sized connection. That’s one connection for the whole family, One connection for simultaneous use, and One connection for multiple gadgets. Home DSL can deliver speeds of up to 10 Mbps and with plans for as low as P990/month bundled with a landline.

It is the country’s largest and most widespread wired broadband service, serving the needs of over 800,000 families and enabling the strongest connections at home.

As tested:

1. I am very much pleased [for now that is] that internet speed is slightly much faster than the PLDT DSL.

2. Downloading movies takes me 4 hours [WOW!], while our old one takes us three days [UGH]. I also noticed that even if my sister is downloading or my brother is watching streamed movies, the speed doesn’t lag as much. I used to hate watching videos in YouTube as it takes forever to buffer, thankfully not anymore.

As for installing the device, it isn’t that complicated as it’s plug and “play”. In case you would need a step by step process [for WLAN details], the box is complete with all the wires, the modem itself, splitters and a manual.

Details about home dsl.
Details about home DSL.
How the modem looks like.
Wireless router and modem in one. 

I am one happy PLDT HOME DSL user!

Till my next post!



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