Cat Food

Inside A Cat’s Mind: Nom Noms for the Meows

With my current situation of having four big cats at home, feeding time always gets crazy. Crazy because of the constant meows, and me always wanting to pull my hair because I spend so much for my babies. Enter hash tag #thisiswhyimbroke, well kidding aside, I try my best to provide regular cat food for the spoiled babies. I think I sound like a slave don’t I? Hahahaha-haaaaaaaa! The cats are laughing for sure.


Let me share with you what I usually buy for my babies.

Cat supply
L-R: Friskies for kitten, Meow Mix dry and wet, and Fancy Feast 

For kibbles, I usually buy Whiskas and/or Friskies. But last week, I decided to try the Meow Mix kibble if my cats would like it. Well, it seems they still like Whiskas’s Grilled Saba to date.

My cat's favorite brand
My cat’s favorite brand

Magi say’s “Whiskas is kitty approved!”

Such a handsome kitty
Such a handsome kitty

Happy first of July meows!

Till my next post~



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