Travelling Hello Kitty

Travelling Hello Kitty: Saturdate Fitness Fail

Today is one of Travelling Hello Kitty’s most awaited day. Why you ask? Well, it has been a while since she went jogging. Her usual fitness routine is workout at home every morning before going to work, and if time permits [or if she has extra energy] she goes out to her nightly jogging on weekdays. Unfortunately, her night routine had been set aside for a few months already.

That is until today.

Aside from their usual malling date with the Travelling Gundam, they decided to do a weekly jogging date to pump up their active lifestyle [wow ha!] ha-ha!

Jog in the afternoon. Luckily it was a bit windy.
Jog in the afternoon. Luckily it was a bit windy.

But their fitness session was short-lived as they headed to Manang’s Chicken for an early dinner date.

Hello Kitty's meal-The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich.
 And the Travelling Gundam photo bombs this photo. 

Will post about my Ultimate Chicken Sandwich experience in my other blog.

Meanwhile, the photo below is Travelling Gundam’s predictable order every time we dine at any Manang’s branch.

Travelling Gundam is hungry.
Travelling Gundam is hungry.

 Whatever we lost during our jogging / walkathon session earlier, we gained them all back. But hey! It’s Saturday, meaning it’s cheat dayyyy! The word cheat day sounds so sinful, but now a days with CarbTrim? It got a little bit less sinful, as CarbTrim helps block the carbs. #AbsorbALotLess.

It may have been a failed fitness date, but it was still worth it. Well, it’s not everyday that we eat at Manang’s, which seems to be our go-to food trip every time we go out on a date [and we love it]. #musthave

Now back to workout again, wapishhh!


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