Personal: A movie premier and then some

My family and I are self-confessed movie addicts. We love watching movies every weekends, sometimes even on weekdays too. It was a holiday last Tuesday, and mom asked me to join them [my brother and nephew] for a movie date. Our night ended with another movie opportunity, but this time it was a premier for Into The Storm at Greenhills Promenade Cinema.

Warner Brother Presents #IntoTheStorm
Warner Brother Presents #IntoTheStorm

I rarely travel in that part of city, well mainly because it’s too far from where I live. But when I do, it’s because my significant other and I are off for a shopping trip. After observing the streets of Mandaluyong, seeing slums and urban sights (which I would like to visit to), I realized, I should get out more from my comfort zone [from the city of Makati]. Aside from that, on a more serious note of “realization”, I’d like to share what I posted in my Facebook status this morning.

“Traffic yesterday as I heard was terrible, good thing we used the shortcut going to Greenhills (Kalayaan>Rockwell>Bridge entering Mandaluyong). I saw really interesting new places, that I’ve mostly see online, interesting abandoned big houses and businesses, the talked about parking lot of Binay, and a glimpse of the slums of Martinez road along Mandaluyong.

It made me think, maybe the reason why our country is so left behind? It’s not only the government’s fault, but ours too. If we care enough for our country, perhaps we would be a thriving country. I pray for a better Philippines, if not now then hopefully for my children or grand children’s future”.

Politics, Government, and the Citizens of the Philippines. We need a clean slate.


The weather that day seems to be quite fitting from our movie theme.


Cloudy skies

And finally, it has been a long while since I was able to do a Travelling Hello Kitty feature.

We finished past 10 PM, and luckily we didn’t have a hard time hailing a cab that night. It was a good day to have spent it with family and my mom’s friend.

Urban Shot
Urban Shot

Till my next post!



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