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Cat Stories: Unexpected encounter with Emboy

I have always believed, write what you know – Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed 

And today, I write what I know best… My love for cats.

Yesterday, along with my significant other and friends, we were able to catch the Cat Craze exhibit at Mall of Asia after our movie. Along with the other kitties on the play area, we spotted two ladies near the stage. Thank you for bearing with our inquiries, letting us carry your cats and sharing your story with us.

A short story about EMBOY…

As the owner recounts her heartbreaking rescue. Emboy, was rescued at gates of the US Embassy May of this year. She said, she saw him stuck to the door where the guards intentionally not doing anything to help the helpless kitty. In spite, right in front of them where they can see the cat fighting for his life and bleeding.

I believe, like us humans, cats also have their own angels. And for Emboy, it was this lady [heaven-sent]. She scolded the guards and asked to open the gates, which Emboy’s legs got trapped. As she recounts, his legs were lifeless and had so much blood. A terrible “accident”, which could have been avoided if only the security had humanity in their hearts for these helpless animals.

Her first opinion to the vet, she was given the slip. Euthanasia.

Second opinion, presently Emboy is undergoing therapy at the Animal House. Mostly, acupuncture as far as I remember. His legs are still pretty limp, but at least has improved sensation.

Emboy is a strong cat, who wants to live 9 [or 8 more] lives. And so I write, in hopes for this story to reach cat lovers, pet lovers / animal lovers to pray for Emboy’s speedy recovery.

Emboy at the Cat Craze Event
Emboy at the Cat Craze Event

Stay strong ❤



2 thoughts on “Cat Stories: Unexpected encounter with Emboy

  1. I attended the event yesterday but did not participate in the activity. I went there to see the cats and take pictures of them. That was an interesting story about Emboy. Mabuti na lang the host interviewed the owner. Sobrang artistic ng mga cat-lovers na nag-participate sa catcrafternoon. Nakakabilib. 🙂

    1. Hello Melo,

      Same here, it was a good thing that naka habol kami sa event, as they were closing already. Emboy’s story is touching indeed. I’m not sure if she was interviewed kasi, nakipag kwentuhan lang kami with the owner.

      Oh yes, they sure are very creative indeed. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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