Make Up

Of Purchases: MAC to Revlon

Around May this year, MAC Cosmetics announced their newly launch of reformulated Brow Sets. But truthfully? I only learned about it while researching for MAC brow sets in their website a few days ago.

Well, I’m not the type who jumps in the “bandwagon”, until I have tried the actual product. My sister being the first person [between the two of us] to purchase a MAC’s brow set – Girl Boy, a “workable” shade which needs to be used with very light strokes in 2 swipes [but that’s me]. So yesterday, was the first day for the BER months, and what better way to kick-start it by going shopping. I didn’t really go over board, just the basics and essentials. Cat supplies included. Hahaha!

The MAC Brow Set is priced similarly as the regular brow set at P1,000.

Will make a review as soon as I’m able to test it today. But my initial thoughts? I’m quite worried about this shade. I was able to swatch it on hand, which seemed okay. The next shade available was darker, hence my “reason” red chestnut might look better? I also read reviews reviews online and the Red Chestnut looks reddish when worn. I dunno, I just have to see it for myself later.

On other make up thing-a-majings, I also bought my HG liquid foundation from Revlon – Color Stay Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige.



Well, that’s about it! Three more days before I hit the big 3-0!

The Ber months started with new opportunities and fulfilling one of my goals. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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