Turning 30

September 2014 – is my most awaited month of the year. Aside from the start of the BER months, the reason for my “excitement” was when I officially turned 30 last week. I still can’t believe it! Not just because of the age, but also from the experiences that I have been through? All of which I have successfully conquered. And now, as I face another chapter in my life, I am ready for whatever life has to “throw”. 

My family and I celebrated way ahead of time. The usual, dinner, cake and gifts. My second celebration was spent with my significant other. I’ve been meaning to bring him to the Japanese “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant called Suzu Kin, in Sampaloc St. for the longest time. And last week, I was ecstatic to revisit this place with him.

Will be making a separate food review in my Food and Travel blog. But see photos below for some food porn xD 


Main course

I originally planned to go to SM Jazz for our dessert. Instead, we went to Cafe Shibuya Glorietta and indulged on their Lava Cake. #todiefor

Cafe Shibuya's - Lava Cake
Cafe Shibuya’s – Lava Cake

I was not expecting anything from my significant other, since he had given me the Hello Kitty Chogokin a few months ago. Which was meant as an advanced birthday gift. But, thoughtful as he is. He still managed to surprise me nonetheless. 



As expected, my smile was a huge as the ocean when he gave me the hello kitty stuff toy! Pure joy! 


Nothing makes me more happy being with M anddddd receiving anything Hello Kitty. Hehehe! 

Till my next post~



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