MAC Pro Long Wear Eyebrow Set

Eye Love: Comparison – MAC Brow set and Pro Long Wear

After having tried and tested my MAC Pro Long wear Eyebrow Set for a few weeks already. And also being worried about the shade? Thankfully, I am very much pleased with my purchase. It didn’t turn out too reddish, as I had initially thought it would be. Well, as long as you don’t use it alone (which I haven’t tried yet) it won’t.

So here’s a comparison of the Brow set and Pro long wear eyebrow set for reference. Both are priced P1,000 only.

Girl Boy, as seen in the photo has a more gold-ish/shiny finish.

While Red Chestnut is more on the matte side.

Staying power approximately 7 hours, waterproof feature? It will stay put as long as you don’t rub your eyebrows (well obviously right?).

Admittedly, I’m not really that good when it comes to perfecting my eyebrow make up, so this “review” is more on really just showing the improved brush. Hehe!

Till my next post, and finally….. HAPPY WEEKEND MEOWS~





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