Product test: Himalaya Whitening Day Cream

Because the curious kitty in me decided to experiment on a new day cream – Himalaya Whitening Day Cream, which is available in Watsons. I suppose what intrigued me most was its claim of whitening / brightening effects. 

IMG_8451Aside from my curiosity, what made me “switch” from PONDS to Himalaya? that it was a few pesos cheaper, as PONDS costs P399 while this one costs only around P120 or less.

Since I just bought this a few days ago, I will just share with you on what you can expect to see from the bottle.


Initial thoughts…

IMG_8445Basing the texture from the bottle, I had the impression that it’s a tinted day cream. Surprisingly, it’s not. It’s not heavy either, but for oily faced ladies like me, it gives out a shine when used alone or under make up. Nothing a primer can fix though.

IMG_8448I also bought the facial wash, and between these two, the brightening effect appears more in the facial wash. So far, those are my thoughts about this product. Let’s see how this will fare in the succeeding weeks.

Thoughts? Comment below~

Till my next post!



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