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My significant other knows me, as someone who hates card games and board games. I have little to no patience, reading long manuals and directions. I guess that’s because, I’m more of a hack and slash gamer i.e Diablo. But with M, one of his best qualities is being able to explain something “complicated to something, any newbie can quickly and easily understand.

The very first card game I played was many years ago called – Family Business. It had been a while since then, but recently M and I surprisingly enough find ourselves playing three card games for the past few months. Uno, Monopoly and yesterday Adventure Life. This game was basically like The Sims, only a card version “he say’s”. I’m like, “how is that possible?” After his very charismatic explanation, we ended up playing for an hour while waiting for our movie, Dracula Untold.

It was like The Sims, and you get to make up your own stories. Truly a fun way to wait for our 5 PM movie yesterday. What I like about Infini Tea is that, they offer card games for you to play while enjoying your choice of drinks.

Best thing about weekends too, is a well-deserved food trip with my food buddy. After his Executive check up at Makati Medical Center, we trooped to Pizza Hut and ordered their ever reliable affordable but filling Meal for 2. Which only costs P300. Not bad!

Carbo overload!
Carbo overload with Travelling Gundam. 


Truly blessed to have had a relaxing and fun Saturday with M.

Get well soon!
Get well soon!

Till my next post!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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