Comic Book Drive

Comic Book Drive at The National Children’s Hospital

I’m not the type of person to help or even have a soft heart when it comes to humanity. No, I’m not cruel, I just prefer helping out animals instead. I know I made up my mind about it but, life has a funny way in turning things around.

It was last Saturday when my significant other, decided to join Jerald Uy’s Comic Book Drive, at the National Children’s Hospital. This charity event is on its second year already. And I can’t help but feel thankful that a guy like him, along with his volunteers, donors / sponsors and fellow cosplayers, took their time to visit and give out free comics and food.

The Comic Book Drive happens once a year, either on Jerald’s birthday or after and the aim is to share [give] comics to children. By inviting cosplayers who would be interested to share their time, and make the children happy.

Manila Cosplayers
Manila Cosplayers from L-R: War Machine, Captain America, Sub Zero, Lupin and Mario with Jerald Uy, dressed as one of the characters in Adventure Time. 

We went around two floors and seeing the sick children was very heart breaking. However, I knew deep inside we were all geared up and ready to make the children smile. The goal is to relive them of their pain, even for just a little while.

Anyhow, let me share with you some photos during the comic book drive.

Volunteers and Sponsors of food.
Volunteers and Sponsors of food.

Jerald has a very kind heart, and I sure hope there would be more volunteers. Most especially sponsors for local or kid friendly comics.

During dinner, M and I agreed to join again next year and make sure to come prepared with more stuff to give. M and I are already looking for options on what to give the kids. For those who may be interested to join, as a sponsor, or cosplayer, your time will be definitely appreciated.


I may not have been part of the team, but I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to those who donated the comics. Definitely means so much to give free comics to children and their parents.


I’m totally not heartless to the human race after all.

Till my next post!



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