Personal: Back in blogging for 2015

Work hard, play hard, and so I have. Reason being of my 5 month long hiatus since my last blog post. I wouldn’t say that I’m burned out with work, I guess I just like to reward myself by spending time with my family and my significant other [sometimes with friends too] as much as I can. I’m more active in Instagram though, where I don’t have to “invest” too much time sitting in front of the computer.

So my last post was October 2014, where I joined my significant other for a charity work at The Children’s Hospital. After that, it was the crazy Christmas season, work, bazaars attended for Power Play Game Wear and lots of parties.


The significant other and I, after working out our relationship last year, are officially back as a couple again. It was during on our way to Glorietta to watch MMFF movies. It definitely felt like being teenagers again when he asked me to be his girlfriend and start fresh.


Fitness journey.

Well, come Christmas till February, I gained a couple of pounds again. My immune system was really bad during the festive season, reason being my lack of drive in working out. But I’m back again to my morning workout routine. If only I can squeeze in my nightly jogging again when time and energy permits, I would.

I hope I have enough energy to post more about my fitness journey, until I reach my waistline goal. I will try my best.


My early 31st birthday celebration. Nothing grand, but spent it with my loves.


I decided to finally reward myself with new lippies. Also bought the L’oreal Matt foundation just to see how it fares with my oiliness.

makeupMy sister, during her trip to LA gifted me a new shade from MAC Cosmetics, which she wanted me to try. Pinks can be tricky, but luckily Fan Fare complemented me well. Thank you sister.

The next day, I was surprised when my Editor-In-Chief [for COCOON Magazine] randomly gave me makeup before our meeting.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan blush and Julia Petit in Cranapple
MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan blush and Julia Petit in Cranapple

I’m actually craving to buy another lippie from Happy Skin [Under the Sheets]. But, I have to have self control and told the boyfriend to stop me from doing so yesterday.  Perhaps next time.


Saturdays – are spent with M. Weekend cheat day and home movies.

Yesterday, M and I watched Cinderella in Greenbelt. We wanted some dose of cuteness after the movie, so we decided to drop by the park and hunt for Cats. We were successful enough to find a few.

L: Preggy cat R: Tuxedo cat with collar
L: Preggy cat R: Tuxedo cat with collar

M, having sisters, I was amused when he mentioned to me if I know about the limited edition Maybelline Great Lash mascara, and asked if I wanted one. Of course I said YES! I really appreciated his sweet gesture in buying me makeup.

The Great Lash
The Great Lash. Thanks love

Sundays – are spent with my Family. It’s very rare that my sister gets to join us on Sundays these days, as she is always travelling/working. Last Sunday was a treat.

Family lunch at Tenka Shabu Shabu Glorietta
Family lunch at Tenka Shabu Shabu Glorietta

That’s pretty much it for now.

Till my next post!


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