Personal: Weekends

Still struggling to post, if not daily at least 2 times a week but with the work schedule, time doesn’t permit the luxury to do so. Well, anyway aside from work last week, I celebrated two celebrations with my family. First was my nephew’s graduation in grade school, and my sister’s birthday.

Last weekend was something I looked forward to, as I was able to spend an overnight get together with friends along with M. Before meeting up, I wanted to have something cold and since my boyfriend and I haven’t tried Baskin & Robbins yet, we finally did and well, it was good. Will probably post a short review on the food blog.

L-R (below) Love potion and World's best chocolate
L-R (below) Love potion and World’s best chocolate

We weren’t able to have a photo op during our overnight, but if anything we made sure to take photos of our friend’s cats.

Top: Rin the cat Below: Makato, the cat god. LOL
Top: Rin the cat
Below: Makato, the cat god. LOL

The next day, I accompanied M to TagCon in Megamall. We originally had planned just to make an Ocular, but pushed him anyway to join the contest for Cosplayers. It was his second time to join such, however his friend SpiderDan won that day.

I just hope M had fun on stage [as I did seeing him on stage], I knew he was really nervous the whole time.

SpiderDan and M as Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat
SpiderDan and M as Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat


And of course, what’s a post without sharing one of the other things that I love? Skincare and Makeup. My sister, during her trip to LA bought me Benefit POREfessional balm. Thanks for the surprise ‘pasalubong’ sister.

This serves as my very first Benefit product. Still haven’t convinced myself to purchase anything from them yet.

IMG_8813Happy Hump Day meows~

My Maggy Boy <3
My Maggy Boy ❤

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