Inside A Cat’s Mind: Surprise! Surprise!

There’s a new chapter in my life that I’m about to face in about a month from now. Something, admittedly I was not prepared for. But, at the same time, gives me so much joy.


No wonder why I seem not to be losing weight for the past months, despite working out everyday. All along, I was carrying our little angel for the past 7 months. YIKES! It was my mom who noticed my growing tummy, while I on the other hand thought I was just not getting enough work out. Long story short, I decided to buy a pregnancy test to check if my mom was right. Indeed she was. The next day, we decided to go to our OB in Makati Med along with my BF, to check how far along I was in the pregnancy. To our surprise, I was already at 30 weeks (7 months) last April 10.

M and I saw our little angel during the ultrasound, body parts are complete, and the heart rate was strong. We were both trying to hold our tears as we saw his/her face. It was the most beautiful moment ever.

After knowing that our baby is healthy, the next question that every parent wants to know is the sex of the baby. And unfortunately, our bundle of joy decided not to show his/her gender by covering it with his/her tiny hand. My family, friends and officemates predict that it’s a girl. But M is still trying to push his #TeamBoy bet.

Being pressed for time, and a newbie on becoming parents, M had been buying me helpful pregnancy books. The Conception & Pregnancy book is from my mom, very helpful too.


M and I wanted things in order of course, get married in the church first (which we were saving on this year) then have our baby. But I guess, God has other plans for us. Being together for 9 years, me being 30 and him 31, “It’s about time” my family said. 

I’m due next month, and I doubt I’ll be able to post updates in the next three months. But as soon as I’m well, I’ll definitely share more stories and my experiences of being a first-time mother to my child and becoming a wife to my soon-to-be husband. I can’t wait!



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