The Expectant Mom: It’s a girl!

I’m almost 38 weeks in my pregnancy now and thankfully, M and I now know what our baby’s gender is. Were having a BABY GIRL!

In our first ultrasound, our baby didn’t show her gender and we were fine with that. I really didn’t expect to have a second ultrasound as my OB-Gyne said it would be hard to see the baby’s gender. So we both agreed that it will be a surprise for all of us. That is until last May 9, when my family and I celebrated Mother’s Day in advance. We watched a movie, ate and went shopping for mom’s gift. Our typical family bonding, except that I was pregnant and thought I could still handle the long walks. Sometimes, I forget that I’m pregnant and that I need to slow down. And because of that, I was having a preterm labor that night.

I was frantically panicking when I saw spots of blood in my underwear, and immediately mom and I rushed to MMC for observation. The OB said I probably got tired, reason being why my Uterus was contracting. Thankfully, our angel was fine, so was I. If there was anything “good” that came out of that experience were three things. First, the OB said our baby may have turned (as baby’s first position during the first ultrasound was in a breech position), and second my OB wanted to confirm if it were true by allowing a second ultrasound. YEY!

M and I had our second ultrasound at New World Diagnostics (near MMC). It was one of our happiest days as it had confirmed everything we (and they) had assumed.

1. Our angel is no longer in a breech position.

2. She finally showed her gender. 

3. She’s at 5.3 pounds! 

God is good! And so is our little angel, staying strong for Mommy and Daddy.

My expected due date is 2 weeks from now and I can’t wait to see my baby girl soon!



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