The Expectant Mom

The Expectant Mom: Baby Essentials

On June 20, 2015 will mark my 40th week in my pregnancy, and I’m very thankful that my little angel is a full term baby. I’m also thankful to be surrounded with so much love, support and blessings from our families and friends. M and I may not have been able to prepare ourselves, but despite the ordeal, were able to cope up through this experience. Opportunities even opened for M and I, and we strongly believe that our angel is behind all the blessings we’ve been receiving.

Anyway, I’m so excited to be a mom, and more excited for my baby to have all the things that our families and friends had gifted for her during my baby showers. First up, is this crib/playpen from M’s mom and sister. We bought this crib at the SM Store, Baby Company.

Giant Carrier crib/playpen
Giant Carrier crib/playpen

We chose this over a crib because it is compact, easy to use and within the budget. We didn’t really want to spend a lot, over something that a baby will eventually outgrow in a few months or in a year. Giant Carrier is a local company.

The rest of the photos below were from my baby shower, first with my editors and then with our friends.


Mothercare Innosense and Hello Kitty bottles. I can’t wait to sterilize all these, as soon as my baby is weaned from breastfeeding in a few months time. And I’m sterilizing them all with this (see photo below).


One of the first things that M and I looked for was a baby carrier. He was eyeing on the Chicco, but I personally prefer a wrap around baby carrier for support for my left arm. We found one during the Expomom 2015, which was held at the Glorietta Activity Center a month ago.

L-R: SaYa baby carrier, Huggies freebie and Cycles baby detergent powder.
L-R: SaYa baby carrier, Huggies freebie and Cycles baby detergent powder.

There were two kinds of SaYa baby carrier, M bought me the Versatekk Blend which has spandex material. Photo below is how it looks like.

IMG_8890Surprisingly enough, one of M’s friend gave us a Picolo baby carrier as a baby shower gift. So now we have two! M was also eyeing on this during one of dates last April.

And lastly, other random gifts we received (see photos below).

Our Ninong Kenet and Ninang Nicoy couldn’t make it during the party. Hence, they decided to meet up the week before and treated us to Yakimix for lunch and also gave us a little something for the baby.

Photo below was during the baby shower (for me) and birthday party (for M). We weren’t able to take pictures of the whole gang, as it was just really hot that day and the heat was exhausting. But we all had fun for sure.

M's SP friends with Ninang Joy
M’s SP friends with Ninang Joy and lots of FOOD! YUM!

That wraps up some of the baby essentials. We still need a few more, and I can’t wait to go shopping for more baby essentials for the little one soon.



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