Birthing Experience

The Newbie Mom: My Birthing Experience

I finally gave birth to my bundle of joy, and I must say it was an experience I’d never forget. When I was weeks away my due date, one of my many questions I kept searching online was, “how will I know if I’m about to give birth?” “Will my water break, just like how it’s shown in the movies?”. Well, apparently for me, how I expected to have given birth turned out to be a different and special ordeal for Martin, our angel and I. 

It was June 19, 2015 at around 2 P.M. when I started feeling mild cramp sensations. By 6 P.M., it started to get more painful, but I managed to keep my calm and told my sister it’s probably nothing serious. But then, it got worse and the intervals right on track, every 5 minutes. “I think I’m due anytime now!” as I sent a text message to Martin. We both didn’t think we need to go to the hospital yet, but when he arrived along with ate jol (their trusted house helper, and a mom of two) from their first day of ToyCon. She saw me in pain and insisted Martin to bring me ASAP to the hospital. I had already packed my hospital bag ahead of time, but before we could leave, I still managed to take a quick shower and put on foundation and eyebrow makeup. Well, might as well look “pretty” while in labor right?

Now, we all knew that I’m supposed to have a normal (vaginal) delivery since baby is no longer breech anymore. But after being monitored for around 4 hours in the delivery room of MMC, my OB-GYN decided to do a rush CS surgery. My labor was long, and in those times, every time I’d experience the cramps. My baby’s heart rate went down. The resident doctors were alarmed, more so when they did an IE (Internal Exam), and told me that my water broke already. In the duration of my labor, all along my baby’s neck was wrapped around the umbilical cord (cord coil). We didn’t see that coming. While my labor was long, the surgery happened in less than 10 minutes. I remember as soon as the anesthesiologist arrived, with two big men everything was a bit of a blur, and at the same time they were all quick with the procedure and assured me that everything will be fine. When I was brought to the operating room was where everything happened so fast. While I know I was aware of what was happening, I was half asleep and thankfully couldn’t feel anything while I was being sliced open. YIKES! The next thing I knew, I heard Dra. say, “cut the cord, cut the cord!” and then I heard my angel cry. She was saved just in the nick of time. I’m very thankful that I have a doctor like Dra. Rebecca Singson.

Audrey's first photo taken by his daddy.
Audrey’s first photo taken by his daddy.

The next thing I knew, they placed Audrey beside me to have a photo taken with me.

I'm now officially a mom
I’m now officially a mom

After that, I think I went to sleep for a few minutes, and the next thing I knew. I found myself awake at the recovery room with Martin watching over me. Then I was asleep again, and felt I was already bringing brought to our room.

11717272_10153464558336499_36028088_nIt was the longest week of my life inside the hospital. I was discharged 3 days after, but Audrey had to stay 1 more week for observation and medication. Our room has a special side story to it too, but perhaps will share that on my next post. I just want to commend all the nurses in the 5th floor, who took care of us with quality service. I even had separation issues as soon as we transferred to the 6th floor after I was discharged.

I’ve babbled long enough already, but if there is anything that I learned from this experience? Life is indeed beautiful!

How special are we women that we are able to bring life inside our womb.




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