Baby Essentials: Mothercare

One of the advantages of having an abundant breastmilk supply is, well, aside from the amazing health benefits your baby will have. It costs nothing. However, for someone who has already ran out of that gold liquid, we rely to formula milk.

The downside of spending for formula milk? IT’S SO EXPENSIVE. Since I cannot express breastmilk, our pediatrician, Dra. Gozali recommended Enfalac Gentlease.The big can costs P1,500, multiply to four, and in a month we spend about P6,000 just for formula milk alone. Aside from spending on a weekly basis, it is also time consuming as you need to constantly sterilize the bottles. And for sterilizing, the Mothercare Electric Steam Sterilizer makes the job easier for me.


Here’s how the sterilizer looks outside the box:

You can fit 6 bottles easily, it comes with a free small bottle, silicone tong and a bottle brush. Not bad for a starter kit. The electric steam sterilizer is easy to use, you pour in water on the white base and simply click the button. It will show a three color light system; red, blue and green (sterilize, cooling and complete). It is easy to clean and I love that it is compact and easy to store.

The bottles I have are also Mothercare, both given as gifts during my baby shower. I’m not sure how much the 4-set bottles costs, but one bottle is about P350.

Thank you Mothercare for making my life (at least) a bit easier!

To expectant moms, I highly recommend it!  🙂

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