The Newbie Mom: Change is good.

To be a mother, where do I even begin?

Life completely changed, 360 degrees! I used to have my own money, buy things I want, eat wherever I want, watch the latest movies, and lastly, exercise whenever I CAN! Everything has changed now. Every single thing that I do now is for my family. I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t miss what I used to do. But mostly, every single day I’m tired. Physically.

Work > Chores > taking care of Audrey. Repeat. It sounds like I’m doing everything noh? Well, not really. Martin tries his best to help out in chores, but not the kind of cleaning that I do. It definitely is different when a man and woman cleans. Sometimes I go crazy with how he does it, but slowly I’m trying to “accept” that. There are things you cannot control, and if I do, we sometimes argue about it. I still love him of course. He tries his best.

It may also seem as if I didn’t want to give up my old life. But honestly, this change, is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Being a mom. I’m sure it won’t be easy (it hasn’t been or I think will it be), but so far it has been a blessed journey. She’s our everything now and she gives us so much joy, despite the late night sessions and fussiness. We just love everything about her. How beautiful she is, how her attitude is a mix of mommy, daddy and his lolo.

Anyhow, It’s been a while since I last blogged, and a lot had happened. First up, Audrey was baptized last November 8 at The National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians. Then, the reception was held at Max Restaurant with both our families and her Godmothers and Godfathers.


Martin and I are lucky to have Dra. Gozali as our Pediatrician (she also specializes in Infectious Diseases) in Makati Medical Center. Audrey has been healthy ever since. Except for one time, when she caught her daddy’s flu. Now every time he gets sick, we bring her to Martin’s parents where they take care of her. Currently, we are finally done with monthly shots and her next vaccine will occur when she turns 1 year old!

Waiting for Audrey's turn.
Waiting for Audrey’s turn.

Next journey on our way was her milestones. Oh what joy they were!

Audrey's first Tummy time.
Audrey’s first Tummy time.
Her first attempt in sitting position.
Her first attempt in sitting position.
6th Months, first feeding.
6th Month, first feeding.
Her first tooth!
Her first tooth!

And then celebrations.

Valentine’s day spent at Hyatt Hotel. Buffet dinner with Martin’s family.


Looking forward for more milestones and celebrations with our little angel.

This kind of change is definitely awesome!


Thanks for reading~


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