Mommy Cleans: Homelife Hard Water Stain Remover review

Having to do our own chores, I’ve explored the world of home cleaning items in the market. So I decided to have a home cleaning section post in my blog. And for today, I will be featuring the brand Homelife

Homelife Hard Water Stain Remover


I use a water heater for boiling Audrey’s water for her milk, and when pre-cleaning bottles. Overtime, I notice water stains have accumulated on the bottom of the steel. See photo below


So I tested out this product and after following instructions.

Wow! this product DOES work!!!


It said to let the product stay for 30 minutes. I actually didn’t. But I think, results are best when you follow directions. What I did was pour one sachet into the kettle, added minimum level of water. Then, just to test it out, turned on the heater. It immediately removed the yellow stains.

I forgot how much it was but it was not more than P200. Which contains 6 sachets.


This product can be found at ACE Hardware and any Supermarket.


Stay tuned for my next Homelife post!


Thanks for reading~


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