Planning Audrey’s First Birthday

Time flies so fast, and in a month’s time, Audrey will be turning one! For her first birthday, Martin and I both agreed to celebrate her birthday at Mcdonald’s. After researching online, we figured the best thing to do was ask. We first went to a branch near us (SM Bicutan) and here’s what we learned:


  1. Step 1: Choose your package. They have Four Food Mix to choose from, and then you can optionally add more (step 2). See photo below. 13210956_10206506672801276_1133270014_o
  2. Step 3: Choose your theme. They have four: Ronald and the gang, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Spongebob and Winx. We chose the most affordable out of the four themes, which is the Ronald and the gang. It also comes with a free gift for the celebrant.
  3. Depending on your total of food value, they will be giving you one free item. They have three kinds: Pinata, Tent and Scooter with accessories.
  4. They only allow blowing of the cake. Unless, you purchase their cake, Yes, Mcdonald’s makes their own cake as well. They have food safety rules and are very strict with no slicing and serving of the cake unless its theirs. That goes to most branches as well.

When we first checked at SM Bicutan, our bill totalled to P15,000+ So we checked a different branch at Glorietta, hoping to not spend the said amount. Same procedure, but this time the person whom we talked to gave us a different food value package. Normally, each package comes with freebies for the kids but he removed it. It makes sense because, it will be redundant to giveaway 2 sets of freebies. The best part was they allowed us to bring our own cake and serve it to our guests. We just need to sign a waiver saying that Mcdonald’s will not be liable for whatever circumstance may happen i.e food poisoning. We also went to the Greenbelt branch, and in case you’re wondering or plan to have your child’s birthday celebration there. You’re likely to spend P20,000 or more. They have a different set of food package and strict about it.

Thankfully, we will not be spending more than P15,000. I think we spent around P12,000 max. But of course, do note that if additional guests arrive it will be added to your bill. The P12,000 was not at all expensive, but then we still have to buy a cake and a dress for our baby girl. Of course, mommy also needs a new dress for this special occasion. I’ve been checking out Zalora and I’m loving Zalora’s collection of cute cocktail dresses. They even have dresses for kids!!!!

Anyhow, going back.We had a hassle-free booking at the Glorietta branch and we are definitely looking forward for her birthday celebration.

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