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Our stress-free experience with Mcdonald’s Celebration

It has been 1 year of being a Mom to our Audrey, and I must say, It is truly such a bliss having her in our lives. For her first birthday, Martin and I decided to have it at Mcdonalds. The branch where it  was held was at Glorietta 3, Makati. Being it our first time to book the franchise, we are very pleased with the branch’s customer service. But honestly, to say that we are pleased is an understatement.

My apologies for forgetting their names, but we would like to commend the staff who took care of us, from booking, hosting and logistics.  The host was very accommodating and friendly. We decided to cut down the games into just one, as we started a bit late from the original said time. But afterwards, everything went smoothly. They served the guests food quickly. Also, I commend them for doing a great job in cleaning the party area. I visited the area a day before the party, and I kindly requested them to have the place cleaned and most importantly make sure that the air-con is cool enough for our guests. They also made sure that there was no leaking from the air-con on the day itself. We were worried when we checked out the place that water was dripping from above. Thank you for fixing it.

The program are as follows:

  1. Opening remarks
  2. Games – usually they have 4 but since there were more adults than children, we cut down to 1.
  3. Interview for the parents – they asked us where we got Audrey’s name
  4. Blowing of the candle
  5. Serving of the food
  6. Thank you message of parents to guests
  7. Mascot appearance – we got Grimace
  8. Host gives Audrey her gift from Mcdonald’s

Thank you for a stress free experience. I highly recommend this branch if you plan to book your child’s party. I was so happy that I gave the host a tip, but she mentioned that they are not allowed to take tips. The manager came in and explained as well, but eventually said; “but if I insist they will accept it”. Of course I said that I insist, but next time they would prefer a commendation.


Again, thank you Mcdonad’s Glorietta 3 branch for a job well done!

Audrey would like to say thanks again for her gifts from family and friends / God Mothers and God Fathers. Thank you!





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