Inside A Cat’s Mind: In getting married and unexpected proposal



As soon as we received the go signal, Martin and I rushed ourselves with the planning and with only two months left from our wedding date. Sept 3, 2016.We’re still in the process of planning and organizing, with the help of our wedding coordinator – Sigma Events. We’re on our way to August now, and it seems there will be no rest for the both of us. But so far, our journey through this process has been a mix of stress and fun. If anything, hunting for suppliers is made easy, thanks to the Wedding Expo’s we attended.

While Martin and I our currently in the process of planning, little did I know that he was planning to propose. Admittedly, I wasn’t really expecting since I knew we’re getting married eventually. But when he mentioned that he will, as the months passed by, I kept waiting and anticipating. And now, as we approach August (yesterday) I said to myself, I will no longer expect. “Ayoko na!”  I got a little restless in waiting, and just when I said that I will no longer expect. He randomly proposes yesterday during breakfast at home.

The scenario goes:

Me: :”Love, wake up! Let’s have hot chocolate before we leave.”                                         Audrey was awake at the same time.                                                                                                    

 Martin: Okay, but can we have it outside in our dining table?

Me: Wag na! dito na lang sa room because Audrey is awake.

Martin: Baka ipisin tayo                                                                                                                         *goes outside and shouts to remind me about a game he wants me to QA called, Darkest Light from Popsicle Games

And so while I tap away, I saw a note that was unusual. Unusual because, this is not the first time I played it. And because it didn’t have any option to enter a name.


I didn’t get the message at that time, so Martin said to go look under the table. And like the first time he did this (during our first monthsary as a couple), there was a note under the table. Suddenly, as I reached reading the line: “And last, but certainly not the least. The biggest reason why I am doing this, is because today is the day I kneel on my knees and give you the engagement ring you have been waiting for.”

I cried, tears of happiness. Even if we knew that we’ll get married, having a baby first? He still wanted me to experience the tradition, of when a man proposes to his soon-to-be wife. It may not be the kind of proposal he wants, but for me, it was everything I wanted. Just the two of us.

The ring is like no other. Of course, him being an artist/gamer he wanted something significant. It’s called The Oath Keeper. – A symbol of my oath or promise to love you today, till the rest of our days – M.

From the game, Kindgom of Hearts.


Till my next post!



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