A short review of our wedding suppliers

I started blogging 6 years ago, sharing about my date adventures with my then boyfriend. Wrote about us breaking up for 2 years starting in 2012, and then eventually getting back together in 2014. September 3, 2016 – We officially tied the knot, at The National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, in Betterliving Paranaque.

We had only 2 months of planning, not very ideal but still possible. There were days when we were so stressed out with the planning, as we had to juggle both our work. It can get tough when our little one starts to get clingy specially during the late afternoon till the late evening. But thankfully, we hired a wedding coordinator who helped plan our wedding seamlessly- SIGMA Events 

Before I share our list of suppliers, I’d like to share the requirements that was asked from us, from our parish.

– After booking the church / wedding date – your church will give you a list of requirements for documents and church requirements (for our parish, the list are as ff):

Canonical interview, Meeting with CPLR (music), Pre cana, Marriage Catechesis, Natural Family planning. These interviews will be scheduled every Sunday (except for Canonical interview), for 1 month.

Usually for the document requirements, they ask the following:

Marriage license, Birth/Baptismal and confirmation certificate, ID photo (for marriage banns), Barangay clearance.

Our goal was to have a simple wedding with very close family and friends . So for those planning their wedding, here are my client feedback with the suppliers we got.

P.S. I won’t be posting their prices as we got them at an expo rate. Which is why I highly suggest, if you’re on a budget, check out wedding expo’s.

  1. Church: National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, Betterliving Paranaque.

The perks of being a parishioner is that you don’t get to spend a dime. But if you plan to book this church, I think the price is P15,000). On a side note, if you’re interested to book Santuario de Antonio or Holy Trinity in Forbes Park Makati, that would cost P50,000 +++ .

Feedback: As a parishioner, I may sound bias but I really do love our parish. Brides will surely have their moment during their bridal march, as the aisle is quite long. We had a hassle-free booking experience with their staff, and they will even recommend for you (if you ask) their contact suppliers for church flowers and choirs. We agreed to book the church florist and church choir,(since we aren’t so picky as long as it would look nice, and most importantly not hurt our wallets so much). For the church choir, we had to change the first suggested choir, as the choir lead had issues and is very arrogant. Do note that it is also not air-conditioned, so it may get a little uncomfortable for the guests. Parking is not a problem, most importantly when you need to go to the bathroom, I’d like to say that it is very well-maintained, most importantly has bidet and well, air-conditioned.

The most awaited day, when we were blessed as Husband and Wife.
The most awaited day, when we were blessed at the altar as Husband and Wife. Photo courtesy from our friend Dan Geromo. Thanks for the beautiful shot.

2. Photographer: Studio 1 

Feedback: We sourced Studio 1 from the Themes and Motifs Wedding Expo in SMX MOA last June 26, 2016, and they gave us a sweet deal with a complete package of STD/SDE shoot, AVP, albums, photo booth, 3 syntra boards, guest book and photo frame. Our disappointment with this supplier is that, they mostly choose shots to what they think would look good, not something that would flatter the couple/person. The photo booth was the biggest disappointment; the photo was slightly dark and my mom said that their lights were falling off. I won’t completely blame them for the dark shadows, as we didn’t have extra lights on the registration area where they were located. But, my biggest issue with them is that they didn’t take much photos during and after our ceremony. I didn’t really mind about the preparations, as I prefer to have better shots with my husband. But that was cut short, even our wedding coordinator noticed it and got stressed with the photographers. I thought they took a lot of photos during the ceremony, but Moogie said that they barely did. I feel so bad for my wedding gown as the back design was so beautiful.

If anything, our STD photos were nice. I can’t say yet for our wedding photos as we haven’t had time to pick it up.


3. Wedding gown: Ms. Jeanette Roxas

Feedback: She’s your fairy godmother. PERIOD. My only wish was that I was not so fat! (haha), haven’t really had enough time to work out, but I still felt beautiful that day. You’d think that it would look hot when you wear it, but it doesn’t! The travel to her place is worth every penny. I’m lucky that she’s a family friend of my in-laws. Photos below were taken by phone cameras only. Will update this post once I have the raw files already.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez with our favorite song
Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez with our favorite song

4. Wedding Coordinator: SIGMA Events

Feedback: We got the basic package, and all we can say is that we are VERY satisfied! My mom said that the wedding was very organized and fast. They were on top of things, especially on our wedding day itself. Very professional and so on-the-dot making sure everyone arrives on time. Most importantly, they were not late. I’ve heard horror stories of coordinators being late. To SIGMA Events team, special shoutout to Moogie and Gelo, THANK YOU!

5. Reception venue: Alba’s Catering – Kristina’s Garden (235 El Grande Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City, BF Caseria, Mariposa Subd. Las Pinas City)

Feedback: We are happy that our guests enjoyed our food. I was able to eat before retouch, thankfully the food in our wedding tasted better than in our food tasting. Our favorite were the chicken terriyaki and beef bourguignon. The food is what makes your wedding memorable (well partly). I remember attending a wedding who starved us (as we had to wait for a long time), plus their food wasn’t so good either. It was the behind the scenes that was quite stressful, in booking this venue. I hope they improve their makeup room, as it was poorly lit and had very bad air-conditioning. If you plan to book this venue for your wedding, make sure to add extra lights. Do note though, that for every additional supplier, you will be charged with a corkage fee, so prepare for additional charges. We only got their standard package, as their wedding package is quite expensive.

6. Wedding cake: Cupcee

Feedback: I don’t know what happened but our cake was so disappointing. The execution looked a bit sloppy, the fondant was so thick that we had a hard time slicing, the cake was crumbly, they used scratch paper for our top layer design. I would have understood, maybe the cake may have “melted” because our venue is outdoors, but to use a scratch paper? It seems like there was no effort at all.

P.S. We weren’t able to take photos of our cake design.

7. Wedding rings: Marry Me (4th Floor Market! Market! Global City Taguig)

Feedback: Another awesome supplier! The owner Ms. May is very accommodating and gave us a great deal. We try to squeeze our budget as much as we can, so we can allot extras in other expenses. Haven’t had the chance to take photo of our marriage bands, but both my wedding ring and engagement ring is from Marry Me.


8. Entourage flowers: Dangwa Florist

Feedback: We talked with one of their team during the expo at PICC, and specifically said we are in a tight budget. Thankfully, there weren’t a snob and still accommodated us and gave recommendations for my entourage’s flowers. I can’t complain. The flowers were delivered fresh from the actual wedding day, exactly the same as she described.

9. Makeup: The Bridal Artiste’sThe Bridal Artiste’s

Feedback: HMUA by Makeup Forever I was very happy with my overall makeup from-trial, prenup and the wedding itself. My only concern was how the hair stylist was a bit rough, as if he was mad every time I unconsciously turn my head to speak to someone.

Trial makeup at the I Do event in Megamall .

And that’s about it for our major suppliers. Will tell about my wedding experience in a separate post.


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