Softex Maternity Pad

I have never been ecstatic about maternity pads. Yes, you read that right! Maternity pads! It’s no big deal really, but for us mom’s or someone who has very heavy menstrual periods? It’s a huge deal. Okay, before I begin this post; for those who won’t find this post useful, you can close this tab. But for those who do, specially mom’s or those searching for reliable maternity pads, read on. 

About a month or two after giving birth, I decided to have IUD insertion by our OB-GYN Dra. Rebecca Singson. The procedure didn’t take that long, but I will not deny that there was a slight sting through the duration of the procedure. Since then, my period takes weeks and unfortunately is much HEAVY-ier. Stressing out the word heavier because, that is the “disadvantage” of the IUD. And so my search for a maternity pad began. My usual pad is Sisters (overnight) for regular flow, for heavy flow, I buy the Modess Maternity pad. But even then, it’s not enough for those heavy days. I didn’t like that it was slightly thicker too. So I tried other pads and found Kotex overnight 32cm. So far, among all the other brands, Kotex has the longest. The rest of the brands’ maximum length is until 31cm only. Although Jeunesse has the same length as Kotex, I find it a bit expensive for P60+ or higher I think.

And so I thought I’ve found the pad that I need with Kotex, apparently I’d find something better.

Yesterday, when my husband dropped me off to Makati Med. I was in need of buying my usual stocks. I was supposed to buy in Shopwise, but decided to visit the Watsons branch in Salcedo (just across MMC). I guess it was a blessing that I did. As I was about to head to the cashier, with my usual brand in hand. I almost forgot to get maternity pads, and beside the Modess was a brand named – Softex.


It has 10 pads plus 2 for P99.00 and best of all is 40cm long! Praise the heavens! I bought just one pack just to try. It is at night when best observed and thankfully it held up pretty well. This IS the best pad for those mommies (or ladies) who experiences intense heavy flow. I won’t be posting the actual pad anymore, since I assume you get the idea how long it is.

To Softex, thank you!  True enough, Softex IS Mom’s Choice!

Howeverrrr, yes however. Ugh! I tried looking for this at SM Bicutan Watson’s; They have three Watson’s there and none of them have this brand. If you want to try Softex, do hoard them at the Watson’s Salcedo branch.

I went back earlier this afternoon and thankfully they restocked 3 packs.


I instantly bought / hoarded 2 packs in case I don’t find it. But I am hoping that I’ll be able to find Softex in other branches of Watsons, SM Beauty, Shopwise or Rustans.

Crosses fingers.



Thoughts? Suggestions?




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