Mommy Diaries: Parenthood

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything. I’d want to write as often as I could, share about my experiences in my journey through motherhood. Unfortunately time does not permit me to do so. A colleague of mine kept bugging me to watch all the movies I copied from him many weeks ago, but all I can say is; “I don’t have the time yet.” And he said; “grabe naman schedule mo!” I’m like; “dude! If you only knew!” 

But of course, here’s to hoping that I get to write at least twice a week.

I plan to share my journey in hopes of reaching out to mothers like me. Well, all because I barely have mommy friends to begin with. But, it’s all good! I must admit though, it would be nice to be able to talk to a fellow-mommies too! Oh, motherhood changes you.

I personally think, having a child is different compared to married couples who have no kids. First off, your schedule. We started of with no yaya for a year. Sometimes I look back and say, I don’t know how I survived having no yaya. But I did. Of course, my in-laws and their house help played a major role in watching over our daughter, on days when my husband and I are both at work. Thankfully, last September 23 we hired a our own yaya for our daughter and she’s been such great help.

Second, finances. When you become a mom, well for me at least. I often buy things mostly for my daughter than myself. I simply want to give her everything that she needs and wants. Well, at least I try. Then there’s yearly birthdays, and the biggest chunk on where our savings will go – education. I’m not so worried with that really. It’s more of me worrying who her friends will be. Kids these day scare me. I know it is up to us on how we will mold our child. So far, she’s been very loving, thoughtful and very playful. We have yet to teach her values when she’s more capable of understanding. But for now, it will be ABC’s, 123’s etc. While I’m worried that she hasn’t spoken her first real word, (except for mamam – which means water or milk), my husband keeps saying, just continue teaching her and let her be. Eventually, she will talk when she is ready. #parentingpressures

Speaking of parenting, I’ll admit that I ate my own words. It was when I told to myself one day, “I’ll never let my daughter touch a gadget until she is 5!” For reasons that I don’t want her to be attached on such things. She’s 1 year and 6 months now, and loves her YouTube Kids and family computer. Yikes! Double yikes that we’re planning on buying her, her own kid friendly tablet for Christmas. #donotjudge


Before you say anything, don’t! You might eat your own words too! But if you’re a stay-at-home mom it might be different though. Lucky that you get to spend 101% of your time with your child. Regrettably, I only get to spend with my daughter every morning before I go to work and on weekends. #workingmomstruggles

Responsibilities – There are some married couples who prefers not having a child. They say, they are fine with their lifestyle and would rather keep it that way. What surprised us more was when they said, a child ruins everything. For me, having one makes us more happier and dream bigger. Especially that we have a little one, who is growing way to fast. #adultingishard

Parenthood may be challenging, but at the end of day? What matters most is that, you have roof on top of your heads, food on your table, clothes to wear, my husband and daughter beside me. Life is good! God is good! Truly #blessed


On my next post: Mommy duties





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