The year that was

Philippines – 2016 was the most challenging year for us. We have long desired for change, and change came. So they say. Never was there a day that I watched or read about fellow citizens, guilty or accused executed by these so-called vigilantes. The “cherry on top” of our local news was the infamous hurried burial of Marcos. Let’s just not get into details, as the very thought of it makes me cringe


Aside from the news, there were also a few losses from my husband’s side of the family and a close neighbor over at my in-laws. Despite all these, there are other reasons for me to be grateful for. Which above all, that I am most thankful for is…


Everyday I get to wake up beside my two greatest blessings! They are my pride and joy. Admittedly, there are days when it can get crazy, but when I find myself away from it? My days are not complete without it.

Because of work, I have been missing out on my daughter during weekdays. Specially during the holidays, as I always had to go home late at night. And so when Christmas vacation came, I made the most out of it.

Last Christmas was her second Christmas, and this time she finally was able to appreciate gift-giving. I’m surprised she was able to last until 12 midnight with un-relentless energy.


What a perfect way to end our night with our little one with such contentment and happiness.

The only photo where we were able to capture her charming smile. Rest assured she loved all of her gifts from her tita/ninangs.

Christmas is about Jesus, but I will not deny the fact, that receiving or giving gifts is what makes this season special so-to-speak. To family and office-mates who had given gifts, thank you. I received some gifts which I hope I’ll be able to have time to write a review soon.

Photo on left: Gifts from my husband – Trying out new products and while I mentioned in my Instagram about how I loved the Maybelline Clearsmooth foundation. But when your favorite brand goes on sale which RARELY happens (from P995 to P750+), you grab that opportunity!

Reviews to expect: Covergirl Supersize Me Mascara, Intensify Me Eyeliner and L’oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation.

Photo on right: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer – will make a separate review as well.

New Year’s Resolutions

It goes without saying that, at the start of the year most of try our best to commit to our yearly resolutions. As we welcomed 2017 over at my in-laws, we all shared our “Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017” goals. Some people find it cliché’, but I guess the purpose of having resolutions is to put you into perspective. It depends on how bad you really want to achieve it.

For my husband and I, we bid goodbye to weight gain, and said hello to a fitter and healthier mom and dad for our daughter. True enough, as soon as they start walking you’ll miss those times when they stay put on the crib. Hahaha!

I also said Hello to more opportunities ahead and if blessed enough, to be able to move into a bigger home or have a home of our own (that goes with hard work, and tightening our belts even more). Realistically, that would take a while.

With an optimistic mind and by God’s grace, I pray 2017 will be great for all of us.

Till my next post!






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