Chronicles of Parenting: It’s all about the bum!

Being a parent, one of the issues that I feel strongly about is the lack of proper and decent changing rooms for children. Let’s add the fact at how there is totally zero to no changing stations in the men’s bathroom as well.

Now that we have no helper, it is challenging to place my daughter on the wash area. Aside from how gross it is, it doesn’t help that people stare at you and give you “the look”. If there were bidet’s in each cubicle then we wouldn’t be washing them there in the first place. This is why when we do go out, we pray and tell our daughter to no poop in the mall. Haha! Just kidding!

Scenario 1: What if mommy needs to pee and she doesn’t have anyone to watch out for her child? You then have to bring your child with you inside the cubicle. In the past, you would often notice how the child tries to open door while mommy pee’s right? Kids will be kids! But I must admit it can be embarrassing. While I haven’t checked if all major malls are doing it, I’d like to commend SM Bicutan for making this available at the ladies room.


Now you can put your child safely in this “gadget” (so-to-speak) while you pee. Pretty convenient! If only all restrooms in major malls would make this available. We have one problem down our list.

Scenario 2: Which is my biggest issue ever since becoming a parent? I have been experiencing terrible back pain ever since I gave birth. It usually occurs when I’m exhausted from chores, which is the reason why I always ask my husband to change my daughter’s diapers. It also doesn’t help much that the changing station in the ladies room is a bit high too. Well, for my height at least.

I don’t know but maybe there are other parents like us, who would like to voice this issue. In hopes that mall owners consider in making changing rooms (or stations) for dad’s as well.

I noticed that dads now-a-days are very hands-on, and when the need arises for them to change diapers, it’s like reaching a dead end. What if mom is not around? It’s tough.

My husband and I both agree that it would be convenient if there are enough changing stations for both moms and dads. Don’t you agree?

Till my next post!



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