The First Hair Cut

Your child’s first haircut is an important event to every parent’s life. My daughter isn’t exactly blessed (or born) with thick hair (yet). Which, I admit why I have been putting off scheduling my daughter’s first haircut ever since she turned 1 year old. It was only just then that her hair started getting thicker (longer).

So the day came when my husband and I finally had time to visit a kids salon last weekend – Cut4Tots, Glorietta Makati. For first timers, the fee is at P360 and you can request for a memento of your child’s hair, which will be put inside a small Ziploc bag. They also have a membership fee for P650 in case you are interested to avail of it.

After countless justifications on telling my husband to have her hair trimmed, instead of a full-on shave we both agreed for a trim. However, the barber said it’s best to cut all of her hair off. With a heavy heart, I agreed.

Cut4Tots is well equipped with supplies to keep the children entertained. Car chairs, child-friendly videos, baby books and lots of toys. We were relieved at how our daughter was so behave. Of course, all because her daddy was with her throughout her first haircut. It was an experience for us at least.


The Glorietta branch may look and feel “old” ambiance wise, but for our first time, we came out satisfied customers.

Till my next post!


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