Mommy Diaries: The Case Of The Apple Star

Have you ever experienced misplacing objects like keys, or maybe even food disappearing from where you left them, only to appear in the most unusual places? The most common remark people would say is; “ulyanin ka na!” But, in the other realm, there’s what we call, “the little spirits”.These little spirits are notorious in hiding our things, and today was that day.

I saved my last Apple Star fruit last weekend as I had plan to have it for breakfast this morning. I remember placing it on top of the counter-table. I was sure of it. As I was about to finish my meal, I checked on my star apple, to my surprise, It was gone. I looked on suspicious places on where it might have fallen off, but to no avail I did not find the apple star.

I blamed the little spirit only to find out who the real culprit was. Funny how I keep forgetting how my daughter tends to put my things in her baby bag, or this time in her Mega Bloks Scooping Wagon.

My husband said; “yeah, little spirit indeed!”


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