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Health Check: The First Dengue Self-test kit is here!

One of the things that scares parents the most is when your child suddenly gets sick. Flu or extended days of fever. Parents need not to worry no more! Through PHILAB Holdings Corp’s., latest innovation, you can now buy a self-testing kit which functions similarly to a pregnancy test kit.

Dengue NS1 Ag self-test screening kit

The Dengue NS1 Ag self-test screening kit is a must have for every household. You can get yours through Lazada’s website and will also be available soon in drugstores nationwide.

I received my kit a few days ago, but come mid April they will start delivering to drugstores nationwide so that everyone can have access to the self-test screening kits.

“Moms can now put their worries to rest, the Dengue self-test screening kits will help them determine if it’s time to bring their kids, who are suffering from fever, to the doctors to confirm the diseases,” Darlene Marie B. Berberabe, Philab Holdings President said.

Too tempting to open the box, so I can share what the actual kit looks like. But photo below is a good reference as to what you can expect when you buy a kit.

Whats inside the box
Inside the box  – It provides results in as fast as 15 minutes

According to PHILAB, the kit can be used at the beginning of fever. It comes with a lancet or finger pricker that draws out blood for testing. Results shown will be similar to the ones in a pregnancy kit where two lines indicate positive while one line indicates negative. Kids need not worry as the whole process is relatively painless.


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