Inside A Cat’s Mind: Updates


Inside A Cat’s Mind’s blog is about sharing things that I love most. Aside from makeup, skin care, gadget and games, I also love to share photos of how my day or week has been. Lately, it’s been a busy month for me as we are already closing for the magazine.

cocoonCocoon Magazine [March-April-May Issue]

Currently we are already closing for June-August issue and it has been crazy and mostly tiring.

IMG_5776  Photo shoot last month

At the end of the day, the most rewarding part is when you to get to see the magazine in glossy paper and ready to be distributed in all newsstands nationwide.

Well, enough about work, let me share with you how I’ve been spending some of my weekends for the past month/s (and just because I like to share some photos I was able to take pictures of around Makati).


A new French bakery that opened in SM Makati Supermarket. People are flocking in this new place. I haven’t had the chance to try any of their pastries or bread, but I like how it was designed. Quite classy, although it seems out of place in the supermarket.


A celebration treat at Army Navy. This time I got to finish a whole single patty burger and it was so good. I didn’t bother taking food photos anymore as both Martin and I were hungry already.



Mass at Greenbelt chapel


After mass, we had lunch at Food Choices and then watched a movie [Fast and Furious 6]. I was craving for halo halo that day, Razon’s was just perfect and I enjoyed my second try more than the first one.


My weird cat who loves to pose on camera


My sister’s pasalubong a few nights ago [Papa John’s]

papa john's

I guess there’s nothing really ‘exciting’ that has happened lately (and some that I don’t intend to share in this blog, haha) But for now, I’m just looking forward for the next issue to be printed out so I can finally breathe. Even for just a few days.

As for my weight loss project, it’s been two days that I haven’t been working out. I have been experiencing back pains since yesterday, and today has got to be the worst ever. I hate it. If anything, It just proves that exercising really is good because I don’t feel so sluggish and heavy. Except for today, ugh!

Till next time~



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